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Leyna Fennell Humanistic Counsellor, Psychotherapist & Supervisor

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“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves” – Dalai Lama

Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

Special Interest In 

Relationship Difficulties

Sex & Intimacy



Grief & Loss

Low-self Esteem





Work Related Issues

General life challenges


Welcoming Diversity

Leyna welcomes people from all backgrounds, culture, gender, sexuality, age and ability.
She values each individual’s uniqueness and is experienced in supporting people presenting with varied needs and life experiences


Leyna’s intention as a Therapist and Supervisor is to provide a safe and honest environment where people can explore their feelings, experiences, learnings and areas for development; gaining a greater insight and appreciation of self, other and situation. Her background and training is within humanistic and relational approaches to counselling, psychotherapy and supervision. She works with people to establish helpful and meaningful ways to grow, which can include mindfulness & somatic practices and creative work, including writing and other explorational work.

What is humanistic counselling & psychotherapy?

Humanistic Therapy supports the concept that each individual has the capacity for growth, given the right conditions. Much like a plant, given the right amount of water and sunlight it will grow in its own way.

The Therapeutic relationship is one of mutuality, which fosters acceptance, empathy, transparency, positive-regard, trust and authenticity. It is when the client perceives these conditions that the therapeutic process begins to unfold.

Humanistic philosophy considers the client as the expert of their own world, with the ability for self-actualisation. This is achieved in therapy through a delicate process of exploration.

How can this help?

Through this relational experience, there is an opportunity to gain a deeper more honest relationship with self. The nature of this therapeutic relationship provides challenges that bring up emotions, beliefs and behavioural patterns; some of which can be connected to past experiences, or our conditioning. Allowing space for this to emerge provides an opportunity for exploration at a more conscious level. Through conscious connection with the self, we can begin to develop deep self-awareness and learn more about who we truly are; and how our view of the self influences the way we view others and our world.

Face to face counselling in Brunswick

Phone & Online sessions also available

Leyna believes that every individual has within them the power and knowledge, necessary for growth and her intention is to work collaboratively with you to establish ways of achieving this through therapy


Individual Counselling- $140

Relationship Counselling- $220

Supervision- $160

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